What makes AXprotect and AXlicense unique?


Your original X++ source code is protected by AXprotect with just one mouse click. With AXlicense you add licensing.


AXprotect and AXlicense work without any external components and without SSL certificates.


AXprotect and AXlicense give you full control on your source code and on who can use your software.


With AXprotect and AXlicense you can protect your X++ source code and issue unlimited customer licenses at no additional costs.

About AXprotect and AXlicense

for Microsoft Dynamics AX versions 4.0, 2009 and 2012 including all releases and cumulative updates
Everything you need for source code protection and secure software licensing.

AXprotect is a software solution for X++ source code protection in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This module protects applications from reverse engineering, from unauthorized modification and saves your intellectual property.

AXprotect uses only existing program language elements in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The protected source code remains fullly compile- and executable, but humans cannot identify the code anymore. All methods can be protected additionally with checksums against manipulation.

AXlicense is an AXprotect extension for customer licensing of ISV and partner solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX. AXlicense offers the generation of customer and module specific license codes and the integration of license verification in your applications.

AXlicense consists of two modules, the partner module for license generation and the customer module for licensing and license verification.

AXprotect and AXlicense are fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX without usage of any external components.

  • with Microsoft Dynamics AX versions 4.0, 2009 and 2012 including all releases and cumulative updates

  • from unauthorized distribution of your software products

  • with selective source code protection of code segments and software product licensing including time restricted trial versions

  • with direct access to our AXprotect/AXlicense development team

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